Mom-certified: "You always make such a mess when you cook"
Are you sick of sugar yet? Well, too bad. DONUTS. I challenge you to find even the most stubborn of omnivores that won't eat a vegan donut. Vegan donuts: the ultimate weapon in vegan activism. I used a basic vegan donut recipe (say what you will about PETA, they have some good recipes) and turned them into balls instead of regular-shaped donuts. We always had store-bought, most likely deep fried, donut balls on hand for weekend treats. I'm fairly certain that these are 100 times healthier. This recipe gave me an excuse to finally use this contraption! It's probably for cake pops...but it works.

Lock 'em in and bake (after drowning the pan in PAM).
You could also make these into little Saturns if you want to get creative by leaving the little ring around the middle. Do kids these days still make solar system dioramas? If so, donut dioramas need to be a thing.

I dipped the balls in a little bit of almond milk and then rolled them in a cinnamon and brown sugar mixture. In an effort to not subject my co-workers to another cinnamon challenge (eating 1 tbsp of cinnamon in under 60 seconds with no water--DO NOT ATTEMPT) like yesterday's elephant ears, I bounced them after covering them in the mixture. Turns out these little suckers are quite bouncy and we had a few floor casualties.
If you're starting to look like this, maybe cut back on the sugar intake. Only a few days until Detoxtober.
9/26/2013 02:16:27 pm

How dare you knock the donut holes from Hornbacher's! I shake my fist at you!! Ok, not really. But I'm too lazy to try all your recipes. If Dan is sick of sugar, come to Fargo because I know Andy is willing to taste test!!


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