Mom-certified: "You always make such a mess when you cook"
Happy Vegan MoFo finale! 10 pounds of butter later, we made it. Next year I think my theme will be lettuce. Oof. To finish off this year's MoFo, I decided to truly wreck our kitchen and make a vegan princess torte. Every year for as long as I've known Dan, he's always wanted a princess torte for his birthday cake. We used to buy it from a nearby bakery, but I had to improvise when we went vegan. I Frankensteined this recipe together from a variety of sources.


I typically make 2 genoise cakes for the princess torte. I used 9 inch pans and baked the cakes for 48 minutes, just shy of the 50-60 minutes recommended for 10 inch pans. I very rarely get the timing right on the first shot. It's a MoFo miracle.

Meanwhile prep the custard/pastry cream.
Prep the cashew cream (custard on the left, cream on the right)
Ideally you're shooting for 3 layers of cake. But if your attempt to cut the cake into layers ends up like this, it works fine with only 2 layers. Wah wah.
Now start layering.
If you've got three layers of cake to work with, cover one layer of cake in jam, then 1/2 of the custard (properly stirred so it doesn't look regurgitated). I added about half of the cashew cream on top of the custard. Add the second layer of cake and spread the remaining custard. Top with the last layer of cake and spread cashew cream over it.
If you've only got two layers, do whatever you want. You're probably already irritated with this recipe.
This one is for the baking gods.
This one is for me.
Save some marzipan for the flower. Work green food dye into the rest of the marzipan and roll it out.
Drape the marzipan over the assembled cake and cut off the excess. You can use any excess marzipan for decorative flower leaves. This went slightly better than the apple pie crust. But only slightly.
So, poll time: Pac Man or derpy Kermit?
And now it's time to begin scraping the flour off/out of all of my electronics. I hope you've all enjoyed the punctuation (and words with all of their letters). That turned into an effort about 5 posts ago.

Happy 2013 Vegan MoFo!
9/30/2013 11:57:03 am

I want a piece of that torte!

10/30/2013 11:51:51 pm

Looks amazing! I just moved to North Dakota and haven't found many vegans! Glad that they (you) exist!


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